Reasons to Participate

Why participate?

There are many reasons for participating in clinical trials, such as:

  • Access to treatments under investigation/research before they become widely available to general public
  • Access to free physical examinations and diagnostic tests related to the clinical study without any charge
  • Potential compensation for time and travel related to the clinical study and your participation
  • Ability to play a more active role in your own healthcare
  • Opportunity to help people suffering from medical conditions
  • Opportunity to play an important role in the discovery of treatments, cures, and preventions for certain diseases or medical conditions


Clinical trial participant

Who can participate in clinical trial?

Clinical trials have very specific requirement for patient participant as defined by the clinical protocol:

  • To participate in a specific clinical trial, all participants must meet certain standards, referred as “Inclusion Criteria” as defined by the clinical protocol.
  • Further, it is must that participates do not get disqualified from participating in the clinical trial as defined by “Exclusion Criteria”.
  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria are used to protect your safety during a clinical trial.
  • The exclusion criteria may be related to following or other conditions as specified by the clinical protocol:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Type and stage of a disease
    • Previous or current medications
    • Existing medical conditions
    • Recent participation in a clinical trial

It is very important to note that several times, a clinical trial may be looking for participates which are healthy participants. Therefore if you are a health participant then also you could participate in a clinical trial.


How to become a clinical trial participant?

To participate in one of our clinical trial please follow the steps below:

  • Complete the online registration form to include your name in our potential participant database.
  • Once you are registered, one of our staff members would call you to match the participation criteria for one of our clinical trial. Upon match you would be immediately provided an office visit appointment.
  • If you match the clinical trial inclusion and exclusion criteria during the screening process then you can be one of the participants in the clinical trial.
  • At that time, you will be provided with all the required details for the trail participants and would complete the informed consent paperwork to formally become one of the patient participants.